About ipfilterX

IpfilterX blocks Anti-P2P Companies, Copyright Trolls for instance, P2P Crawlers, Bad Peers, Bogus, Research Institutions and Agencies, International Law Firms; and Military, Government, Contractors, Spy Networks and Corporation related to them.
However the power core of our blacklists blocks Malware, such as : Spyware, Crimeware, Ransomware, Cryptoware, Malicious Hosts, Botnets C&Cs, Malvertising , Crapware, , Spy Networks, Unfair Providers, Flooders, Spammers, and many more.
Blocking more than 1 billion of IPs is madness, it’s a total false sense of protection, overloading beyond a certain value will result in banning innocent IP ranges which means legitimate P2P and Not sources and peers, and websites, ultimately useless IP ranges that can only make a mess like a paranoid setting bad usage of your network connections, bandwidth, speed, etc.
Not only you won’t run into any risk by using IpfilterX than using the overbloated ipfilters out there but you will take benefits from it by allowing legitimate peers and in case denying bad peers your internet connection among your computer data protection will fly as a fortress over the usual, old and new net threats.

Our job is a daily and heavy research of the highest risk IPs on the Net.
An ipfilter not updated can be well compared to a rotten apple or an old and ineffective antivirus, ipfilterX is the most updated ipfilter today as yesterday in the Net History.
New Net Enemies rise and die any day and night and we’re ready to ban them , to ban them all , and as they die and take a new life again and again , we ‘re still there to wait for them , thus you know that we won’t keep any blind spot around them.


ipfilterX is purposely designed to be used against Spy Networks, Government Agencies, Malware family, Copyright Trolls and all kind of public and private organizations that work any time to collect your personal data and go against your interests.

Nowadays Antivirus aren’t always ready to fight in advance 0 day threats, unknown bugs, exploit that come from the wild , from the internet abyss to harm your data and your privacy. When you got no protection , at least not a valid protection like this here that we’re offering to you, in the cyber mind of these enemies, you and your machine are like naked on their scanner and hence they may operate in order to control, know , and steal your data.
Today you can fight them back, ipfilterX is your privacy shield core, a last line of defense when and where your antivirus, or antispyware is not ready to reply yet.

To make the things clear :
It’s not the Program to block the IPs to make the difference but the ipfilterX loaded into it to make the real difference and superiority .
Blocklists and whatever program to block IPs , loading and running ipfilters, are two different and isolate things .

Error contacting URL – “Update limit exceeded” ?
ipfilterX has no update limits – ours subscribers never get download limits.

We have coded ipfilter since 2001 , we are the original team that discovered this way to face the digital enemies, Karl and “Mathew-Method” worked on the original ipfiltering project since unitethecows.com times back at 2002.
Later we left Bluetack Team because we disagreed with their hog way to ban IPs ranges and finally we gave birth to ipfilterX project back at 2004.
ipfilterX remained an open source project until 2011 when, after serious problems of the founder and leader Karl Constantine, we decided that it was necessary a small financial help from users in order to continue the project.
Today with a very tiny sum per year , internet users may protect themselves yet from that Evil who composes the Big Brother mosaic in the Internet.

Our Blocklist can be loaded in P2P Software such as PeerBlock, PeerGuardian, iplist, Vuze, Transmission, uTorrent, Tixati, eMule, edonkey, MuteP2P, Ares, DC++, RetroShare, FrostWire, Shareaza, BitTyrant, BitLord, BitComet, BitSpirit and any kind of Firewall that supports “Importing Rules” feature: Snort, Windows Firewall, Symantec, etc.

ipfilterX is made by Nexus23 Labs also known as Nexus23 Brotherhood

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