ipfilterX Series


>ipfilterX includes different kind of products :

-ipfilterX (X1) :
the classic choice and the first ipfilter that has been created and maintained
by the original Nexus23 Labs Team .
It contains all the menaces to online privacy and safety of internet users.
For major details please visit the About page .

-ipfilterX2 (X2) :
the extended ipfilterX Version created by Nexus23 Labs Team back at 2012 .
It contains all the blocked ranges included in X1 and new extended ranges .
For major details about ipfilterX please visit ipfilterX2 page .

-ipfilterX3 (X1+X2+AMod Modules) :
ipfilterX3 means to get our special offer where is included :
ipfilterX1 , ipfilterX2 and the 3 Add-Ons Modules .
For major details about the three add-ons modules please visit the A-Mod Bonus Blocklists page .

-[NEW] : ipfilterHTX (for Webserver Apache – Ngix) :

ipfilterHTX blocks unwanted visitors , bots, spammers ,
threats from accessing your website ,
furthermore it contains various optimizations ,
and common website exploits .
For major details please visit ipfilterHTX page .

-ipfilterXL (ipfilterX Lifetime) :
a limited ipfilterX All Inclusive offer .
XL Plan shall bring to you all ours products,
all that will come and will be developed , forever .
It’s not an offer that will remain up forever though ,
so be lucky to find it when we shall expose it.