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ipfilterX : Codename Chiba

>Date 26/07/2013

>Updates : MIL Intruders Networks, Malware Hosts, Bruteforce Attackers, GOV, Research Scanner Technologies, Spammers, Entertainment Production Companies, Intel MIL Contractors, Proxy Private Hosts


>>Merged some big range

>>>Parsed lines/entries:10380 Found IP ranges:10373 Duplicate:0 Merged:0 Time:0 secs

>>>>IP Count : 580,769,201

>>>>>Security Rating : 4/5

>>>>>>Codename : Chiba


ipfilterX-B50 : Codename Bama

>Date 12/07/2013

>Updates : MIL, GOV, AntiP2P Int. LawFirms, Infamous Webhosting, Serial Bruteforce IPs, Malware Ranges, Spammers, Financial Agencies


>>Merged some big range

>>>Parsed lines/entries:10330 Found IP ranges:10323 Duplicate:0 Merged:0 Time:0 secs

>>>>IP Count : 580,592,647

>>>>>Security Rating : 4/5

>>>>>>Codename : Bama

## ipfilterHTX by Nexus23 Labs – Beta 6 ###

>Websites Owners if you are running Apache in your Webserver

or NGix

Convert .htaccess over here :


Paste these Deny Rules in your .htaccess :

#Remember Do not use these bans in PeerBlock ipfilter or similar,
these rules are intended to be used only to be a shield for your Website .

>Date 05/07/2013

>Updates : AntiP2P Orgs and Tracking Technologies Updates, GOV, MIL, ISP Infringements OP Rooms, Citadel C&C Botnet, Spammers, Flooders, Wild ADS Companies, CS Rootkit, Dark Seoul Botnet


>>>Parsed lines/entries:10306 Found IP ranges:10299 Duplicate:0 Merged:0 Time:0 secs

>>>>IP Count : 580,474,159

>>>>>Security Rating : 5/5

>>>>>>Codename : Armitage