A research made by four British young of Birmingham University
arises to lay the groundwork for a kind of truth absolute regarding
the monitoring networks operated by many organizations and institutions
in the internet .
I’ll tell my opinion on this.

First, they claim that P2P Networks are monitored precisely
by institutions and organizations, agencies and so on,
well, clap clap clap clap .. .
According to them why the blocklists were born ?

Second, so that their research was able to work
they necessarily had to use blocklists , but what blocklists they used?
They used the free blocklists , in other words blocklists outdated,
not completed , old, not very effective.
Hence their research concludes that, in fact, the blocklists
(but omitting to tell that blocklists not updated used by them)
are not very effective to avoid being tracked on the Internet .
Well what a great finale and what a conclusion,
I see Universities of England well spend public money on researches like this ,
not a research at all ,
clap clap clap clap clap clap clap … .

Third, the news on this research and was given by various newspapers
or magazines on the internet, some of them with truly bizarre titles like:
The blocklists do not protect you.
Well, just these magazines are the ones that live and thrive
thanks to the sponsorship of VPN services.
Obviously if you promote the red then why you should promote the black ?
They need to eat, but what I do not understand is this:
If you are a newspaper that publish news on P2P Networks , on filesharing,etc..,
You should have the task of telling the truth to your users
and not the task of promoting your sponsors at the expense of truth.
If you want to eat then you may go to work with your arms and your legs ,
but do not get to play with people’s privacy.

This is the real result of decades based on capitalism ideas and living on ,
the democratic leaders that should govern well the people
are victims of corruption, of easy money,
so these leaders help some companies and organizations
instead than others that truly deserve to be helped to help
the people in their daily life .
People rights and duties are nibbled any day because of this .
Ironically in this case has it that the author of the infamous article
uses a name of a famous communist defender of human rights
and social issues.
Bitter sweet .. clap clap clap clap clap …

ipfilterX does not only prevent to be tracked by AntiP2P Organizations
but also from http://p2pblocklist.net/?page_id=59
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We don’t eat using ipfilterX money ,
I personally to live and survive do fishing
as scuba diving between sharks and jellyfish .

BBC Title : BitTorrent study finds most file-sharers are monitored